10 crochet edges for crochet blankets | Happy in Red

10 pretty crochet edges for crochet blankets

by Esther | Happy in Red

For a while now I’ve been thinking about making myself a new crochet blanket. A lot of thinking and pondering goes into this. It’s been months now. Will I go for squares again? Will I make it easy for myself and make a ripple stitch blanket? Or do I challenge myself with a new pattern? The edge to pick for that, still imaginary, blanket is another big question mark. I think an edge can really make or break a crochet blanket. So I’ve been looking for some inspiration and came across some wonderful crochet edges for blankets.

10 crochet edges for crochet blankets
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10 pretty crochet edges for crochet blankets | Happy in Red

Crochet borders: inspirational books

If you’d like to make sure your crochet blankets have the prettiest crochet edges? There are a couple of books worth ordering. They for sure will inspire you and embellish your crochet blankets and other crochet projects. These books are all master pieces.

Around the corner, crochet borders by Edie Eckman | Happy in Red

Every which way, crochet borders by Edie Eckman | Happy in Red

50 more crocheted afghan borders, Jean Leinhauser | Happy in Red

The finer edge, Kristin Omdahl | Happy in Red

10 pretty crochet edges for crochet blankets

Lacy crochet border

Lacy crochet border (Black Sheep Wools) | Happy in Red

Sandra Paul designed this simple, but very pretty lacy crochet border for Black Sheep Wools. To me, it really shows that less is more. I think a crochet edge that’s too complicated can distract from the beauty of the crochet blanket.

Picot crochet edge

Picot crochet edge (Bella Coco) | Happy in Red

Picot crochet edge | Happy in Red

It’s just as nice when a crochet edge looks particularly tricky but is actually really easy. Picots are the way to go for this. They are easy peasy and really give a pretty finish to a crochet blanket. I found a beauty over at Bella Coco and an easy version on a Russian website.

Pumpkin patch edging

Pumpkin patch edging (by Fibre Flux) | Happy in Red

I absolutely love the colour of pumpkin. I think it makes for wonderfully warm and winter crochet projects that need to have that winter-look. But burnt orange can also give a bit of a kick to projects with sweeter colours. I like using pumpkin orange with purples, pinks and greys. Fibre flux designed another beautiful crochet edge, the Pumpkin Patch Edging. It looks lovely after a row of just SC’s and creates the perfect edge for a warm winter blanket.

Puff edge

Crochet puff edge stitch by Daisy Farm Crafts | Happy in Red

The crochet puff edge stitch by Daisy Farm Crafts isn’t just a very cool looking crochet edge for a blanket, it also gives you the opportunity to learn a very fun stitch. The stitch is fun and bouncy, yet a little soft. Perfect for a baby blanket.

Work of art edging

Photo by Coco Rose Textiles | Happy in Red

The blanket of Coco Rose Textiles made me gasp for air. It’s amazing. Even though it’s just a ‘simple’ granny square blanket, the bold colors and awesome edging make it a true work of art. For the edge she used the edge of All Shawl on Ravelry.

Crochet blanket edge

Blanket edge, by Craftown | Happy in Red

If you’d like to crochet an edge around a teatowel, bath towel or fleece blanket, this crochet blanket edge is just perfect. For crochet blanket this edge also works perfectly if you first crochet a row of SC’s or  a round of granny clusters around your blanket.

Puff stitch flower edge

Puff stitch flower edge, by Ellej | Happy in Red

The puff stitch flower edge made me squeel with joy. Isn’t this a lovely crochet edge for a crochet blanket. I can just image finishing a baby blanket for a little girl with this stitch. It would give it just that bit extra.

Single colour crochet edge

Single colour crochet edge | Happy in Red

If you’re toying with the idea to make a crochet blanket in one color I think this edge could be really beautiful for it. I found in on a Japanese website, but there is a graphic so you should be able to work it out.

Greenway Afghan crochet edge

Greenway Afghan, Donna Yacino | Happy in Red

This is an edge that makes me go: wow!! I think it would go perfect with a simple stripey blanket. Just crochet a round of DC’s around your blanket and then get started with this ripple edge. Donna Yacino was the clever lady that thought this up and explains how to make the boarder in her Ravelry message. Love love love.

MyPicot Bow Edge

MyPicot Bow Edge | Happy in Red

MyPicot is your to-go website when you’re looking for fun and original stitches. And this Bow Edge is also made by MyPicot and although its way too sweet for me, I am sure some of you will absolutely love it. It’s a great edge for a present or baby girl’s blanket.

Crochet blanket inspiration

Crochet borders
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Crochet borders | 10 pretty crochet edges for crochet blankets | Happy in Red

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Manon October 13, 2020 - 3:43 pm

Wat leuk al die randjes, het is altijd lastig om de juiste te kiezen, maar wel heel bepalend voor je werk. Ik ben ook bezig met me te oriënteren voor een nieuwe deken.
Groet Manon

Lies October 13, 2020 - 3:44 pm

Ik ben helemaal fan van dat laatste dekentje en randje!

Wendy October 13, 2020 - 3:45 pm

Het juiste randje bij de juiste deken, het blijft lastig maar oh zo leuk. Hier zitten hele mooie tussen, leuk.

Tertia October 13, 2020 - 3:49 pm

Leuk! De randjes zijn minstens zo belangrijk om je deken mooi af te werken. Ik denk dat kleurgebruik ook van invloed is.

Belinda Brown May 23, 2021 - 12:28 am

I love all that you can learn from this

Mirjam October 13, 2020 - 3:49 pm

Ik ben nu bezig met een riple deken en twijfel of ik er een rand om zou doen of niet en zo ja welke. De laatste uit je rijtje lijkt me wel wat….


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